Contract Gully Sucker Hire

IMG_2018smallIf you need a contract gully sucking solution then we can provide road sweepers with drivers for you over any long term period.

We operate a professional service with all Health & Safety regulations in place.

All of our vehicles are fully equipped and maintained to a high standard.

  • Dual sweep
  • Gully Emptying / Gully Sucking
  • Supawash System
  • Audible Reverse Warning
  • All vehicles fitted with reversing cameras
  • Front & Rear Beacons
  • All types of road cleansing, jetting off on car parks, foot paths and driveways.
  • Rapid response with on board radios for quick redirection
  • Hand Lances included
  • Fully Maintained
  • Optional Driver supplied where needed

CALL 0800 014 6241 for more information or to book a road sweeper.